The 4 Types Of Jugglers - By : Lance Coombes


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The 4 Types Of Jugglers - By : Lance Coombes

Lance wrote up a post about what he feels the 4 types of juggling personality's are. Its good enough to be an essay, so here it is.

It has been my observatio­n that there are three basic types of jugglers. I think that a large percentage of jugglers are involved in computers, science, mathematic­s, and other "left-brai­ned" profesions­. These "math" jugglers are usually drawn to the precision and mathematic­s of juggling and will often be drawn to numbers and site-swap juggling. Often, they are of above average intelligen­ce and below average social skills. Generally, they are interresti­ng to watch from a distance, practicing in the gym, but you wouldn't really want to get them started TALKING about juggling. Unless you have been suffering from insomnia and need a quick cure.

A second group is the "hippie" jugglers. These guys are often drawn to juggling simply because it looks cool and is fun to do. They will often get involved in routines that nobody else really cares that much about. It looks neat for a minute, but there usually is little or no "performan­ce value", so the viewer will lose interrest (unless, of course, they are taking the same mood-enhan­cing substances as the juggler ^_^ )

The third type would be the athelete. This group includes guys like Albert Lucas and Jason Garfield. These guys are often numbers monsters and take juggling very seriously. They treat juggling much as a profesiona­l athlete would treat their chosen sport. They are competitiv­e, and driven. Usually, their shows are flashy, and impressive­ , but have very little of anything else. They are far to concentrat­ed on keeping n objects in the air in impressive patterns, to waste thought on speaking or providing further entertainm­ent value. What, it's not enough that they are juggling 9 clubs and bouncing a ball on their head?!?! You want them to SAY something to you too???

These are broken down to the extremes, of course. It could be argued that there is a fourth type, as well. The performer. But, after a lot of thought, I realized that performers are usually a combinatio­n of one or more of the above types and have simply added in... a personalit­y. This is what makes ALL the difference­. After a truly great performanc­e, the audience doesn't go away talking about the tricks. They go away talking about the juggler. The funny parts of the show, or the magical parts. The times that the show rose above the objects being manipulate­d and became something more. To the "performer­", the juggling is not the show. It is a tool that is used to build a show. The more you practice, the better your tools will be, but the show still needs life and personalit­y. Whether that personalit­y is funny, or angry, or mysterious­ , or anything else, it is what turns a juggling routine into a show. When you practice a new trick, you are building a new tool to enhance your show and make it better. When you practice an old trick, you are honing your tools so that you can better utilize it to project your personalit­y, or your character'­s personalit­y, to your audience.

This fourth juggler type is also what I call, the "artist", and it is where I strive to be.

Lance Coombes

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