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here's how it works. The fushigi user holds the ball still, and it seems to do nothing. But when he makes it spin around his palm, chest, arm, etc., the ball APPEARS to be levitated. The reason is because the ball is clear. There is no indication that the ball is spinning. It appears to be still(in terms of rotation). But with it moving about the users body, it gives way to only 1 unbelivable answer...Levitation! Take a fushigi ball and do a trick with it to someone. Now, take some colored tape or something to stick onto the fushigi to do the same exact trick. You'll be able to see that the ball isnt staying in midair, but is rolling on the users body. If not, the mark you made shouldnt move an inch. If you dont believe me, try it. I did and it worked. If it doesen't work, do it again.

this should not say fushigi anywhere..

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