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Lighting acrylic in general is tricky, as it´s basically trying to light glass. The face and hands will always stand out more. But i do reckon the side light will give that nice effect when it seems like the ball is sometimes lighting up.Low side light is generally good for dynamic movement as it seems to give movements a little more edge. Making them seem slightly more dramatic. Also the relatively cold colored back light with the warmer sidelight should visually lift you forwards a little as well.

Back light, dark blue always looks good. (colour Lee 120) Side light from the ground, from both left and right.( Just white light, no filter.)

Ask the lighting technician not to put the side light too full as that'll just be annoying for the juggling. And try not to use any front light, or maybe just a tiny amount at best. It's nothing spectacular but it'll look fine.

A gobo is a sheet of metal with a pattern cut into it. They put them in lights to give that breakup effect. They will probably have them already.

Ask for a haze machine too, it gives these nice even light beams. Chances are they have one already. Of course you could take this much further, with all sorts of moving lights and different scenes, but this plan will be fine for a quick setup somewhere.

Excerpts with pictures from a forum post-->[1] Thanks Mot!

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