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The how to page

You have to sign up a new account to be able to edit the pages here. The accounts from the forum dont not carry over onto the wiki. In theory everything will be open to edit so please do it reponsibly. Dont worry to much about mistakes as admins and OPs will be able to roll back to previous pages. So if you think your done some ireversible damage get in contact or leave a post on the forum.

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

[edit] Getting started

Basically to create a new page you have to edit an existing one. In the existing one you add a new link by typing [[name of link]]. Then save the page and view it again. Now you will see your new link in red. This leads to a basic rule. A blue link links to a page that already exists and a red link links to a page that doesn't exist yet. By following a red link you create a new page. Thats the utter basics of it. For more info on formatting and other options follow the link bellow.

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