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A small essay on the steps that Ferret takes to stretch out and limber his body up for a practice session. This essay also goes well with Siggys Guide.

Since I am fairly active in both my contact juggling during a 20 weekend season with Fridays included , my off season job ( Heavy Constructi­on ) and trips to the gym, 5 days a week, I think I have some experience in this area. So here's a brief lesson on stretching for the CJer 101,

In my best 'Clint Eastwood' voice, reach for the sky Hombra, and hold that position for about 3-5 mins. this will stretch your posterior deltoid and contract your anterior deltoid Now, take one hand, ( doesn't matter which one you start with ) and place it on the opposite shoulder, bring your elbow up until both your Upper and Forearm are parallel with the ground and the inside of your elbow is right in front of your chin, now let go of your shoulder, take your other hand and pull your elbow towards the opposite shoulder, you eventually want to be able to touch your bicep to your throat, hold that position for 3-5 mins and then do the same thing with the other arm. Next, take one hand and place it on your shoulder again, only this time put your elbow behind your head, if you can't touch your shoulder in this position that's OK, but at least try to get your forearm flexor, the palm side of your forearm to touch the back of your head, take your other hand and pull your elbow down towards your opposite shoulder, you eventually want to be able to touch the bottom edge of your scapula, more commonly called you shoulder blade. Hold that position for 3-5 mins. and then do the other arm. Now for the tough one. Take a broom handle or long stick, whatever, and place the very end of it in your palm, grip it tightly and put your fist with the end of the staff down at your hip, thumb and index finger below the rest of your hand, the rest of the staff should run up and behind your shoulder, ( the same shoulder that's attached to the hand that your griping the staff with ) so the staff is behind you, parallel with, and touching your arm and behind your shoulder. Take your other hand, reach up, grasp the other end ( the very end ) of the stick and GENTLY pull that end forward, and down, cantering on your shoulder, this will in-turn pull your whole arm back and your stick grasping hand up behind you. Remember to do this Gently!!! Hold that position until it starts to get a little sore but I DO NOT recommend, 3-5 mins on this one. I'm in very good physical shape and I don't last much longer then 1-2 mins. for each arm on this one.

PLEASE, PLEASE, remember if it hurts to do any of these stretching exercises then:

STOP THEM IMMEDIATEL­Y!!! Also the 3-5 min hold for each is a long time for beginners, it is not recommende­d right away, STOP as soon as it starts to get uncomforta­ble. But remember to slowly ease your way out of the stretch, don't jerk yourself out of it. That is a bad thing, even for the advanced. I have more, keep your eyes open to Kae's CJ.org site but I hope that this will get you started.


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