Bicep Stretch by Ferret


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This is a bicep stretch description and images by Ferret.

Stretching the tendons that connect your forearm flexor and your bicep to the skeletal system of your arm is extremely wise.

Brace the back of your upper arm, your tricep, against your chest, grip your hand and GENTLY, pull your hand towards your hip.

Bending your wrist will give you a better stretch in the forearm. Stretching these tendons will help prevent injury during 'quick snap moves' check out Kae's one and two ball elbow catches.

Years ago I snapped a small number of bicep tendon fibers, out of the hundreds there, that connect the muscle to the bone, while throwing a punch at someone who was fast enough to get out of the way. For the next 3 months, I couldn't even lift a mug of beer! You Do Not want to feel that pain! And according to the Doctor, I only snapped a few!




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