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Free Resources Where to start? Some of the users from the forum have written some great beginners guides to CJ.

  • The moves section on this wiki
  • Intro 2 Contact Juggling Video - Great 10 minute info video for beginners; includes very good isolation exercises and a serious motivational push!
  • The first five steps - by ferret
  • Twisthem's guide - a great guide with lots of handy information
  • How to learn 1 ball contact juggling - Article by the Ministry of Manipulation.
  • Kae's Guide to Contact Juggling by Kae Verens - An unfinished draft of a book by Kae Verens who was originally responsible for creating this site. **revised 9/21/09**
  • How to start multiball contact juggling - Article by the Ministry of Manipulation.

In April 2007 obtained the permission from Kaskade to republish some tutorial articles that appeared in their European Juggling Magazine KASKADE. Thank you also to Eva & Wolfram Wirbelwind from magicemotions who wrote the articles.

Commercial Contact Juggling teaching resources

  • Reviews - of books and DVD's related to contact.
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