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goldfrost - cage

Length: unknown
Size: b
(goldfrost) Cage. This video starts the cage from a flat palm up position. Start by rolling the ball around the index finger onto the back of the hand into a two-finger cradle. At the same time begin curling the fingers towards the palm and bring the other hand up in a mirror position to where the fingertips of each hand are touching. The cage is now formed. To move the ball from one side of the cage to the other, start with a slight vertical impulse of the ball to lighten the weight then roll the hands in unison under the ball until it reaches the other side of the cage. It's important not to stop the hand roll until the receiving fingers are parallel to the ground. A common mistake is to stop rolling too soon (if this happens then you can let the ball roll down the back of the forearm as if it was intentional and transfer it to the other hand near the elbow *w*). From the new position you can roll it back by just reversing the previous steps. A variation to this is to get the ball inside the cage. To do this, start the roll the same as before by imparting a vertical impulse to the ball. But instead of rolling the hands under the ball, flip the cage to the side so the ball rolls around the index finger into the cage. From there, roll it to the other side of the cage. To get it back out, again another vertical impulse to lighten the ball, roll the ball around the index finger to the back of the fingers into a two finger cradle.
Rating: 5 (avg of 2 raters)

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