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Isolating hoops without gripping it
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Posted: Tue Jun 20, 2006 9:26 am    Post subject: Isolating hoops without gripping it

Today i discovered my little sister has a hoop (why don't i know that kind of things ). It's not a metal one but playing with it is a bunch of fun. Of course I tried normal hoola hoop (harder than it looks, but fun nevertheless), but i also started playing with isolations, spins around other axis than normal etc... I also tried stalling it on my body, that is hard... Armrolls are doable

I liked isolating it best, although it looks s**t with a multicolor plastic hoop... I tried some of the iso i've seen in internet videos. The concept isn't too hard, but i see a huge road of polishing before me (if i continue with all this).

I found a way to spin the hoop so that is looks if it's settling down on the ground, but in mid-air and it doesn't stop in a second because the hoop drops on the ground, like normal. If i really sped it up, i can go in a very sloppy isolation without gripping the hoop. It's basically just "hoola-hooping" around the wrist, and than moving the arm in a huge circle... It's really hard to do steady. I bet it's done before, maybe by Jago, Ryan, or that guy that posted that hoop video a while back. Maybe you guys know, but is it possible to isolate the hoop to a level where it looks good without gripping it? I can see progress already. I think it's possible... I mean, a palm circle iso looks impossible in the beginning also, and look where people have taken that....

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Posted: Tue Jun 20, 2006 1:53 pm    Post subject:

i see what you mean.
i just tried, and wow. that really hard. it would look so cool though.
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