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finger flurry

Image contributed byMatthew
Image uploaded2001-07-18
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Last Edit2001-08-21
Author: Matthew Olsen
Isolation performed by rapidly rolling the ball over the palm-side of the fingers on alternating hands.
Author: juggledo
This isn't the best angle for this move, but it was the easiest to film. It really looks best when viewed in person, and looking down at it slightly, that way you really get the full effect. Of all the moves that I've shown my magician friends this is one that most of them want to learn.
Author: guest
I can't tell what he's doing. Text version, please, somebody?
Author: zxenor
i'm *fairly* sure that he's rolling the ball down his fingers, from pinky to index, then transferring to the other hand's pinky, to continue this movement. i picture it as a "walking" isolation move.
Author: juggledo
That's essentially what's happening. I discovered this move by accident while learning the one hand palmspin isolation. The idea is to roll the ball from pinky to index, then transfer to other hand, rolling pinky to index. When done rapidly, the fingers should be fairly straight as they pass under the ball. This move should be done rapidly, so the fingers can be spread wide, so that it appears to the spectator that the ball is truly floating. Like I said in the note above, the angle of the video is not ideal, but it was the easiest to film. This move looks best when viewed from slightly above. Actually it's one of the few moves that look as good from your perspective as the audience's.
Author: maxime
I do a variation of this on the top of my hand instead of how he does it, nice effect, but a bit harder.