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"Breaking The Plane" Butterfly

Image contributed byKS
Image uploaded2001-01-26
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Author: kverens
Warning! Do not try this in front of a mirror *g*

This is what James Ernest referred to as "breaking the plane" - the butterfly is not performed in the "wall" plane, but done straight out in front of you.

Be careful with this one, or the ball may go much further in front of you than planned...

A variation of this can be done be moving the ball simply up and down - the hand is alternatively on top of (when the ball is highest) and below (when the ball is lowest) the ball.

Author: KS
How true! I nearly busted the vidCam when I accidentally launched the ball straight out in front! This butterfly variation can lead into a smooth back arm roll, just be careful not to get to much speed on the down-swing!
Author: Artemis
I have been doing a lot of experimenting with this. I have taken this idea and turned it into a couple of moves I would like to submit as soon as I can get my hands on a webcam. ~Artemis~
Author: KS
Same here. There wasn't much in "The Book" on this type of butterfly, but the number of moves and transfers with this variation are just as diverse with the regular butterfly on the wall plane.
Author: KS
would you mind describing the moves that you have discovered on the forum or on this page?
Author: Artemis
Yeah I will when I have time to sit down and describe them. Most of them are just variations of tranfers and moves that are already in existance. I just add a little style that you cant do in the "wall" plane.
Author: Artemis
Are you using a black beauty acrylic?
Author: KS
Yup, from Renegade Juggling I got it along with a 2.5" clear acrylic. I originally was going to use it for only outside CJ'ing but I grew more and more fond of it as it still appears to float as you cannot see it rotate (except for the scratch, darn it all!!!) but i liked the black sheen more and it goes good with my CJ outfit, tuxedo pants and shirt with the sleeves rolled up and (soon) elbow length black leather gloves. for now i just use the flourescent ink under a black light as my "gloves"
Author: Artemis
I love Blacklite effects, and find them very effective in CJing. I use some sracthed acrylics and painted them with Blacklite paint and use them in a routine for a blacklite show that travels in NC and the surrounding states
Author: KS
Note: The two finger cradle works best for this (at least for me)You'll notice that my fingers are spread a little too wide on the down-swing. The two-finger cradle is also a better choice for the broken plane butterfly reversed, that is where the palm is down over your shoulder and up in front of you. I'll post it soon.
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