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BackHand Roll

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Author: marco

This is my favorite 'keep the ball moving in between tricks' move. Or is it a move in itself?

What to do;

-Start in the cradle and make the cradle to palm roll.
-You now have the ball in your palm, extend this motion into the beginnings of a curl.
-Halfway through the bottom rotation of the 'curl', your fingers are pointing straight to the back. This is the point to raise your hand/arm. So that the ball gets it's upward motion and rolls over the outside of your wrist and the 'cutting edge' (opposite of the thumb) of the hand to the back of your hand
-When learning this move its easyest to first simply throw the ball up, rotate your hand and catch the ball in the cradle position. Then, just as in learning the cradle to front roll, start lowering this throw, until the sphere is actually rolling smoothly over your wrist.
-From the back of the hand the ball automaticly rolls into the cradle, and you're back into the starting position.
-To make a nice flowing move I used the palm to palm pass followed by the back to back transfer before doing the trick again.
Author: artemis
Hey marco can you do a new video for this move when you have time. I cant see where most of the action takes place.
Author: marco
Hi artemis, I tried while videoing this shot to also get the bottom rotation on the video. Fortunately the difficult part is the top rotation and I thought it unneccesary to go through all the trouble of taping it again. Nothing really happens in the bottom rotation. The ball just lies in the palm of the hand while rotating the wrist like in the Curl.
Author: Artemis
well what exactly is a curl?
Author: marco
A Curl is a spinning piramyd (4 ball stack) which you rotate first underneath the arm and then above. But why don't you check the moves section, 4 ball for the ani-GIF http://contactjuggling.ipeng.net/moves.php?num=56
Author: Link774
I think "curl" refers to that general motion...it doesn't need to be with a 4 ball stack. you could curl a 2 ball palm spin or a saucer with a cup of coffee on it.
Author: marco
Author: xiclo
hey marco....do you know the headroll?..if you do, please post some advices to done it, when you have time
Author: juggledo
This is yet another example of an unusual move that can be expanded to doing on both sides of the body. After the move is completed, during the palm to palm transfer, instead of doing a back to back to repeat on the same side, the move can be done in the opposite hand with little adjustment. I know this is probably a bit obvious to many, but I think that unless it's put into print, the idea might slip by many.