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Elbow Catch

Image contributed bykverens
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Author: kverens

Watch the ball coming down, bring the elbow up to it, bring the elbow down at the same speed as the ball, then slow and stop the fall.

If you study how you catch a ball on an open palm, or on the back of your hand, you\'ll see that\'s exactly how you do it in both cases (otherwise it\'d bounce off).

Author: lcoombes
Instead of tossing the ball back off the elbow to the hand, I like to catch it and then roll it back to the hand. If you feel like being a bit mime-like, you can catch the ball on your elbow, then blow on it lightly and roll it to the hand. This gives the illusion of a very light ball which you have moved by blowing on it.
Author: Ferret
I like the Idea of rolling it up there, I have always liked short armrolls inside or out, there is just so much you can do with them. That little divot on the inside of your elbow, (not to mention the heaviest part of your forearm muscle,) lends itself well to some solid control. I combine the both of your Ideas, by rolling the ball to the joint, immediately popping it straight up, to about eye level and stopping it cold on the launch spot, hold it for a moment and than roll, or ‘blow' it back down. Always a Jaw dropper!
Author: David
I agree with ferret but I'm having trouble stopping it at my elbow without it rollin of the left hand sid,any tips
Author: Artemis
Can you do a vid of that combo ferret?