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Author: kverens

This trick is quite hard to learn. You should first be able to do two and three ball palm-circles before trying a one ball palm-circle.

When you have the one ball palm-circle going smoothly (and in a circle), you can start learning this.

The trick is to realise that to do this isolation, you simply do a one-ball palm-circle, and let the hand do the moving. The ball stays where it is.

Funnily, though, it still feels like the ball is moving. Slightly less pressure, but the feeling is there.

After you have this nicely, try doing an forearm-roll isolation. It\'s just like a forearm roll (roll the ball to the elbow and back), but the arm does all the moving. Then combine them.

Author: darcy
hi knerens, when i teach people 1 ball, this is one of the first moves that i show them, before two or three balls necessasrily somehow by mastering something quite difficult at the start, allows greater ability in the long run to do both complex 2 and 3 ball seperation in one hand. i get them to learn how to balance the ball in each of the three grips on the hand (necessary for 3 ball seperation) and then to move the ball from grip to grip and then stop to rebalance, when smooth, simply take out the stops. its amasing how tight it can become so quickly. if it gets messy simply get back into stop start mode until tight again and go back to freeform also, slowely get the ball to travel as close as possible to the edge of the hand, with the hand totally flat, the stop start approach gets amasing control of the ball. learn to balance at the end of each fingertip an half an hour a day from the start of working with this stop-start approach with 1, 2, and 3 balls will give the average new learner acceptable and continous seperation of 3 balls in the hand within 6-9 months i tend to do 5 minutes of this sort of move and balencing before a serious session, especially if the balls are a bit lively in your hands, if u know what i mean. if you know anyone with a camera in dublin, i will quite happily put up to 70-80 moves with up to 8 balls online. i like your stuff man, keep in contact if you wish, i'm always willing to show and learn new stuff yours darcy
Author: juggledo
I have a different approach to this move, as I learned it by reading Ernest's book, and then playing with it until I had something I liked. Instead of keeping my hand in essentially the same open position as it rotates beneath the ball, I like to relax the hand slightly and allow the fingers to flex and relax in a kind of pulse that makes it look like I'm caressing the ball as it floats before me.