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4b Snake

balls used: 4
4b Thumbliftharder100.00
3b Thumb Cascadeharder100.00
3b Palm-Palm Palmspin revharder100.00
2B Figure 8 Chaseharder100.00
4b Snakelogin to adjust 100.00
2B Figure 8 Chaseeasier100.00
3b Palm-Palm Palmspin reveasier100.00
3b Thumb Cascadeeasier100.00
4b Thumblifteasier100.00
default image: chico 2000-10-11
kverens: More a mime move than contact juggling, but very effective. Some variations can be made by varying the plane (vertical waves, for example), or playing follow-the-leader so that each ball does exactly what the one in front of it does, but only when it reaches the same spot in space.


Contact Juggling

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