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1b Back-Back Butterfly

[image]balls used: 1
difficulty (harder to easier):
1b Various Fist Holds
1b Elbow-Elbow pass
1b Spined Butterfly
4b Snake
1b Back-Back Butterflylogin to adjust
1b Windshieldwiper w/ Back-Palm Pass
1b Tossed Back-Back Butterfly
1b BackArm Roll to FrontArm Roll
default image: marco 2000-09-28
kverens: Starting in the right palm, butterfly to the cradle. Back-back pass to the left cradle. butterfly to the palm. Butterfly back to cradle. Back-back pass to right cradle. Butterfly to right palm. Repeat.


2003-04-12 02:53:51 by Hiemdall

thats pretty.
im still trying this. keep it up!

Video Speed
2003-10-16 08:22:32 by Valos

Was this video slowed down or was Marco actually able to get it to go this slow? If so, I'm impressed.

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