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2b Circle

balls used: 2
difficulty (harder to easier):
1B Almost Isoed Betsy
1b Twirling Butterfly
2b Shower
2b Circle
2b Circlelogin to adjust
3b Pinky Cascade
1b Sleight Of Hand
1b finger flurry
2b Colour Change
default image: kverens 2000-10-06
kverens: Start by getting into a position where you have a ball in the left outside position, palm-down with a thumbhold, and the right hand cradling another ball on the inside. Back-back pass so you have two balls on the left hand - one in the cradle, and one in the thumbhold. Butterfly the left hand so you end up with two balls in the left palm. Do not let them touch (my opinion - Ferrets style is to allow the balls to touch). Palm-palm pass the ball which was in the thumbhold, and grab the remaining ball with your thumb. Now butterfly both hands again so you end up in the original position.


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