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1B DIVO wave

balls used: 1
difficulty (harder to easier):
6b Line Shuffle
3b propellor isolation
3b PalmSpin Walk
3b Mesh w/ Arm Catch
1B DIVO wavelogin to adjust
2b No Thumb Palmspin
3b Outward Cascade
2b Upsidedown Isolated Palmspin
1b Pinkyside Armroll
default image: 2003-08-28
The idea you want to imply with this move is that of a ball floating on a wave. First of all try the move without the ball. Your arms should imitate the movement of a wave with a succession of crests (highest points in a wave) and valleys (lowest points in a wave). Start with your hands palm up like a W shape. The movement starts from the hands, which curl inwards and palm down (crest #1). Move the tip of your hands towards the center of your body, following with your elbows. To make it easy, try the move with just one arm, in front of a mirror, back and forth. If your arm is moving like a wave you are right. This is a kind of mime exercise. Now with both hands. At the conclusion of this first step your hands should be in front of your body, left hand in front of the right one, touching at the wrists (the ball passes from the back of your right hand to the back of your left) (valley #1). Next, return to the starting position, bringing the elbows against your body and pointing your hands outwards (the ball passes from the back to the palm of your left hand) (crest #2). Now make a half circle with your palm up hands, returning in the center of your body. When your hands touch at the wrist (valley #2), lift your arms, bringing your hands to face level (the ball passes from the palm of your left hand to the palm of your right hand) (crest #3). Flip both hands palm down (the ball passes on the back of your right hand). The palm of your right hand touches the back of your left one). Lower a little bit your hands under the elbow line (valley #3) and return to the starting position with a backward wave (the ball passes from the back to the palm of your right hand). When you do that, the right hand should caress the back of your left hand. Divo


Nice Symmetry
2003-09-03 20:18:21 by iannai

I like the symmetry of the trick and it seems the effect is coming along, Good Job.

re: Nice Symmetry
2003-09-11 21:43:12 by chicken

Yesh, berry nice symmetry to the move.

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