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3b Palm-Palm Palmspin

balls used: 3
difficulty (harder to easier):
2b Ratchet
3b Palmspin w/ Line
3b Isolated Planebreak Palmspin II
2b Back-Back butterfly
3b Palm-Palm Palmspinlogin to adjust
2b Elbow Catch
3b Orbital Isolation
3b Thumb Cascade
default image: kverens 2000-10-07
kverens: The key to this is learning to spin in both directions in both hands. In the example above, I spin anti-clockwise in both hands = pulling with the thumb in the left hand, and pushing with the thumb in the right hand.
chico: I like to do this move but instead of going from side to side. I like to roll them forward off the tips of my one hand and onto the palm of my other. Much like the single ball "walk" in James Ernests book. If I really concentrate I can kinda do an isolation where the 3 balls dont move. Looks real cool.


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