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2b Palm-Palm Transfer with Cage

balls used: 2
1b Inside Armroll to Knuckle Holdharder101.28
3b Mills Mess w/ Cradleharder101.28
3b Ratchetharder101.21
3b Palmspin w/ Lineharder101.12
2b Palm-Palm Transfer with Cagelogin to adjust 100.88
2b Elbow Catcheasier100.88
8b Loading an 8-stackeasier100.88
2b Traineasier100.88
default image: rich 2000-10-06
kverens: Start by doing some synchroneous asymmetric butterflies (also known as "windshieldwipers"). When you are ready, butterfly both hands to the left so your left palm is face up, and the right cradle is near it. Now go to butterfly them back, but do not butterfly the left hand - instead, bring its heel in contact with the right heel as in a palm-palm pass. Use this to pass the left ball. At the same time, curl the fingers of both hands so you are effectively in the Cage. This way, you can also pass the right ball across the top. Finish the butterfly so you end up with the right hand palm up, and the left cradled. Learn in the other direction as well.


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