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1b Behind the neck roll

[image]balls used: 1
difficulty (harder to easier):
4b Elbow Hop to Stack
2b Upsidedown Palmspin
3b Seperated Palmspin
2B Figure 8 Chase
1b Behind the neck rolllogin to adjust
1b Outside Elbow Flyaway
2b Backarm Roll Transfer
1b Forhead to Back of Neck Stall
default image: Shifty 2002-07-23
A behind the neck roll done stationary without the spin.


2002-07-26 01:31:42 by chicken

Awsome man! Way to go! Wooo! Now I gotta learn THIS to.


Me too
2002-07-30 12:03:04 by rich

I need to learn this now as well. I see you used a stage ball. Looks like it would hurt less than an acrylic.

re: Me too
2002-07-30 13:30:36 by kverens

I use a novelty giant tennis ball - doesn't hurt at all.

re: Me too
2002-08-01 13:06:18 by pestis

oops, sorry about that empty comment; anyway I was saying:

I find the forearm version easier, but still, the trick is hard. Not that I had even practiced it lately but at least it was the last time I tried learning it :)

Me three?!
2002-08-01 23:57:57 by Roo

huh! fascinating! i would have said that the key was keeping your arms straigt as the ball approached the neck.not circular at all. i guess this all leads right back to my favorite ferret quote...

me, four(mental age)
2002-08-02 00:33:08 by silver

oh go on then, actually its pushing your head forward and doing an ordinary chest roll only leant a bit further forwards with some other minor refinements, and shifty's not arrogant, I am!

re: me, four(mental age)
2002-08-02 12:56:21 by ferret

Very smooth Shifty............Very Nice....Very nice indeed!

Flat plane
2002-08-02 16:50:11 by Ryan

... and a technical note about this trick. I find that you can have more control with the roll if you keep the plane flat out in front of you (like making a big hula hoop with your arms that is parrallel to the ground.. thanks for the wise words, Greg :) ) You can see how Shifty loses control of the ball as it moves down the receiving arm and speeds back into the cradle. Try practicing the roll from outside elbow to outside elbow, or just butterflying the ball into the behind the neck point and practicing a smooth, controlled roll back down the arm.

re: Flat plane
2002-08-02 17:14:05 by Shifty

Yeah I did mess up a wee bit there, figured it wouldn't really matter though. I'll try and get it retaped. But Ryan makes a good point, try to keep your arms in a circle the whole time. That actually does help.

re: Flat plane
2002-12-13 18:23:03 by pirkwein

i'm working on the "aladdin version" he can do it with an apple with his arms wide open !

...but maybe he can do that because he's just a drawing...or i need some more practice

re: Flat plane
2002-12-15 23:27:35 by silver

there's also the old basketball trick with the arms out in a straight line that's kinda cool. fun to do too.

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