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1b 2h Fist Isolation (1b Gregs Grip)

[image]balls used: 1
difficulty (harder to easier):
1b Windshieldwiper holding Wrist
2b Combination Folding
2b Palmspin without touching
4b Vertical Isolation
1b 2h Fist Isolation (1b Gregs Grip)login to adjust
1b Palm to Inner Elbow Hold
1b Arm Roll passes
1b Various Fist Holds
default image: Shifty 2002-06-11
Done by doing continuus "Squeeze ups" or "fists" whichever you want to call them.


2002-06-11 15:47:32 by Roo

something that David Kaplan showed me:
dont isolate this, make the ball travel upwards! it look awesome when done right

From Remy
2002-06-11 22:10:10 by mdamelio

this can also be done as a 2 ball isolation (we nicknamed it gregs gratuitous grip)--just dont switch hands! keep 1 ball in each hand, and open and close them in opposition (while one closes to fist, the other opens out). keep both balls isolated--its a pretty isolation, and one thta lends itself well to other bits of one-ball-one-hand isolations

re: From Remy
2002-06-16 17:25:04 by kap

Actually, I do both. Usually I do all my isolations together as a group. I pretend that the ball is "stuck" in that position and everything I do must keep the ball there. However, this one skill can be used twice, once as an iso, and another time as a squeez up. (my first CJ move ever learned. Thanks Michael)

re: From Remy
2002-06-17 20:37:17 by chicken

I like how the smiley face on Shiftys shirt reflects and is refracted by the ball.

Milking The Cow
2002-06-18 20:43:35 by 53211

Aye, that one there be milking the cow laddie.

re: smiley
2002-09-25 02:27:46 by MarcHare

ha, good catch. i'da never noticed the smiley face thingee but that is pretty tight.

re: smiley
2002-09-25 05:44:50 by mdamelio

I figured he woulda had the smiley shirt at cjc, but alas he disapointed me....

re: smiley
2002-09-25 17:37:00 by Shifty

I had it, just not on the days that you saw me. Shoulda said something.

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