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2b Palm shower

[image]balls used: 2
difficulty (harder to easier):
3b Mills Mess w/ Cradle
1b Finger Flip
1b Back-Arm Genie Roll
2b Back to Front Armroll
2b Palm showerlogin to adjust
2b Symmetric Butterfly
3b Pinky Lift
3b Palmspin
3b Rockabye
default image: Shifty 2002-06-10
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Too lazy to use one hand.
2002-06-17 20:41:39 by chicken

Notice that for palm showers with a low number of spheres, the pinkie fingers dont cross. Look at this move, then go directly to the 4b palm shower, and you will see what I mean.

wow just noticed....
2002-11-18 01:32:28 by MarcHare

how big are those balls? they aren't 3's are they?

re: wow just noticed....
2002-11-18 04:02:14 by Shifty

Yeah they are 3's, I wanted to use balls that were really easy to see.

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