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1b Windshieldwiper

balls used: 1
1b Back-Back Butterflyharder95.98
1b Palmspinharder95.43
1b Palm-Palm Butterflyharder94.74
1b Windshieldwiperharder94.69
1b Windshieldwiperlogin to adjust 94.69
1b Butterflyeasier94.65
1b Edsons Enigmaeasier94.60
1b Palm Tripod IIeasier94.34
1b Waveeasier92.38
default image: marco 2000-10-02
KS: I have just about mastered my basic windshield wiper, and two hurdles I had to get over: 1.) I would subconciesly(however that is spelled) be afraid of the ball flying away and hitting something, so my hand wouldn't get the speed needed to get the ball over the top of the fingertips, secondly, I had to make sure that my three-finger cradle wasn't just three fingers spread out because when i went for the cradle to palm, it would get stuck then i would just launch the ball at some furniture (or people)


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