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2b Backarm Roll Transfer

balls used: 2
difficulty (harder to easier):
2B Figure 8 Chase
1b Behind the neck roll
1b Outside Elbow Flyaway
2b Backarm Roll Transfer
2b Backarm Roll Transferlogin to adjust
1b Forhead to Back of Neck Stall
4b Curl
2b vertical palmspin
2b Vertical Stack Arm Roll
default image: silver 2002-04-24
no description yet


Nice Job
2002-04-25 03:58:39 by mdamelio

Nice job silver, keep the moves comin.


2002-06-27 19:49:32 by Roo

..or instead of leting the 1st ball drop off, you can kepp it on and reverse the direction so that you have a reverse backarm train

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