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4b Escape (11c Catscan)

balls used: 4
difficulty (harder to easier):
2b Square
1b Palm Tripod II
1b Edsons Enigma
4b Escape (11c Catscan)
4b Escape (11c Catscan)login to adjust
1b Circle
1b Melting Butterfly
4b Propellor
2b Orbital Isolation
default image: kverens 2002-03-12


whats going on?
2002-03-26 09:51:14 by kverens

okay - this is a 4b Escape, using the "collapse and rebuild" as a method of dropping the top ball. Learn it just like the 3b Escape.

re: whats going on?
2002-03-26 15:24:36 by kverens

For people that were playing catscan with this image - there are a total of 11 cats... most of them on the couch (sofa) to the left

re: re: whats going on?
2002-03-26 21:03:48 by spehar

Most amusing move on the planet. Laughing out loud. DARK kitty virsus LIGHT kitty. Hilarious!

re: re: re: whats going on?
2002-03-26 21:40:47 by silver

The cats have stolen the show on this one!

re: re: re: re: whats going on?
2002-03-27 02:25:48 by Shifty

The white one just gets down right Pommeled..Thats hilarious....Whats the move again kae????

re: re: re: re: re: whats going on?
2002-03-27 07:38:15 by remy

ohmygod! the cats are durnk! (durnk: a state in which one acts beligerently drunk yet has had nothing to drink.)

re: re: re: re: re: re: whats going on?
2002-03-28 23:03:22 by arron

This is too funny. Drunken Irish cats caught on film.

the cats dissapear!
2002-04-01 17:08:47 by guy

they do they do they do

2002-09-13 18:39:55 by jking

blackhahaha ha hoooooooooooooo shaahaaaahahaaahaaaaa ...whoo..............bahahahahahahahahaaa.

re: bahahaha
2003-10-10 03:55:23 by suzy

hehehe... that's hilarious...
Good move, but oh, the kittens in the background... giggle

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