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1b BackArm Roll

balls used: 1
1b Flytrap Butterflyharder99.85
1b Armroll to Shoulder Holdharder99.76
1b Pilf Regnifharder99.68
1b BackArm Rollharder99.68
1b BackArm Rolllogin to adjust 99.68
2b Back to Front Armrolleasier99.62
3b plane-break palmspineasier99.62
2B Figure 8 Chaseeasier99.60
2b Circleeasier99.60
default image: ferret 2000-09-28
kverens: This move is quite tricky to do, as you need to stretch your catching hand out beyond the elbow to catch the ball as it leaves the elbow ian: the back arm roll, once you get it down well, can then be made into a cool isolation. you roll the ball same as before, but push your arm under the ball to match the rolling speed, effectivly keeping the ball in the same spot in front of you. the hard part of this isolation is the arm change, but with a mirror or a video camera, it is no more difficult than learning the back arm roll itself.


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