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2b Lift -n- Grab

balls used: 2
difficulty (harder to easier):
1b Tripod Pickup
3b Palm-Palm Palmspin rev
5b 4stack Ballswap
2b Lift -n- Grab
2b Lift -n- Grablogin to adjust
1b Back to Back Pass
1b Arm Loops
2b Magnetic Palmspin
1b Palm to Tripod Hold
default image: Shifty 2002-02-26
Preformed by: Eric


2002-08-19 10:51:59 by Sidivan

alright.. I'm having problems following this.. can somebody slow this down or gimmie a text explanation?

re: 2b lift n grab
2002-08-19 12:24:47 by kverens

start with a ball on each cradle.
butterfly the right ball into the palm.
place the right ball on the back of the left hand, and pick up the left
cradled ball
butterfly the left ball into the palm
butterfly the right ball to the cradle
place the left ball on the back of the right hand, and pick up the right
cradled ball.

I'm sure you can continue from there :)

re: 2b lift n grab
2002-08-19 17:45:52 by Eric

For a nice variation, come "over the top" of the cradled ball with the lifted ball, instead of sneaking up from behind. Everything stays in the same plane, and it becomes a "drop off -n- grab" instead of a "lift -n- grab." By the way, I'd welcome any suggestions for alternate names for this trick.

re: 2b lift n grab
2002-08-21 11:45:12 by Sidivan

man this is a sweet move.. I still can't quite follow it but it's a little better with the text explanation. Thank you Kae.

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