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1b Cradle to Outside Elbow Stall

balls used: 1
6b Diamondharder102.31
1b Forhead to Nosebridge Stallharder102.08
1b Cradle to Outside Elbow Stallharder101.86
1b Praying Stallharder101.86
1b Cradle to Outside Elbow Stalllogin to adjust 101.86
7b Line Shuffleeasier101.74
1b Forearm Chestrolleasier101.69
2b Back-Back butterflyeasier101.60
1b Chest catcheasier101.38
default image: Shifty 2002-01-31
no description yet


Talk about Minimalism
2002-01-31 21:23:21 by chicken

Wow, a move where Zero balls are being manipulated. Folks, this is a HUGE step forward in the Art. I guess the next step would be to palmspin negative four balls. (-;

re: Talk about Minimalism
2002-02-01 21:43:44 by lcoombes

Sheesh. I fixed it, okay? Leave it to a chicken to notice something like that. ^_~

re: re: Talk about Minimalism
2002-02-03 02:01:48 by chicken

Awww. And I was just about to go on about the implications of spinning real balls with anti-balls. Or maybe it was Real Balls with Anti-spin... Oh, the possibilities of Quantum Contact juggling. On a more serious note, this is a good move to know, and once you get it down on both sides, you can do a nice big roll from one outside elbow to the other. -|Joe|-

re: re: re: Talk about Minimalism
2002-02-03 10:37:14 by kverens

It also shows that "wave" thing that Owen Edson talked about in his video - note how each part of the arm is raised after the other.

Talk about Minimalism
2002-02-04 15:54:18 by Shifty

Yeah, that wasnt really apparent to me that I do that, until I started workin on this move. There are hundreds of tips to help learn it, so it would be hard to list them here.

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