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2b vertical palmspin

[image] balls used: 2
1b Praying Stallharder101.86
7b Line Shuffleharder101.74
1b Forearm Chestrollharder101.69
2b Back-Back butterflyharder101.60
2b vertical palmspinlogin to adjust 101.38
1b Chest catcheasier101.38
1b Head Catcheasier101.38
5b Propelloreasier101.38
default image: Shifty 2002-01-08
no description yet


2002-01-10 19:13:39 by Shifty

Just take your palmspin, and turn your hand sideways. As an extra bonus, dont let the balls touch. Really works that finger dexterity

re: Sideways
2002-06-03 10:26:24 by durbs

I find this works really well if you iso one of the balls and keep changing dierction.

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