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1b Praying Stall

balls used: 1
difficulty (harder to easier):
3b Palmspin with Escape
3b Reverse Cascade
1b Praying Stall
8b Line Stack
1b Praying Stalllogin to adjust
4b Flat Diamond Palmspin
2b Genie Roll
3b Ratchet
1b Forearm Chestroll
default image: Shifty 2002-01-08
no description yet


"Double jointed"
2002-01-14 20:37:03 by chicken

I notice that shifty can bend his fingers back more than the average person. Must make for some pretty nifty butterflies.

2002-09-10 23:03:45 by jking

Since i can't bend my fingers like he can, i just push my opposite hand to the hand that is bending. It's a pretty tight move.

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