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3b Ratchet

balls used: 3
difficulty (harder to easier):
1b Praying Stall
8b Line Stack
2b Genie Roll
4b Flat Diamond Palmspin
3b Ratchetlogin to adjust
1b Forearm Chestroll
2b Ratchet
2b Back-Back butterfly
default image: KS 2001-09-17
It is essentially the same move as the propellor. Place the balls on the palm of your right hand, two on bottom, one on top, your left hand should be holding the formation from the top. Now start spinning the balls like in a regular propellor, except now rotate your hands so that the left one is on bottom, right one on top. This also makes a rather interesting 4-ball transfer from one hand to the other. it's a three ball iso. but it also works exellently with a 4-ball stack.


Spider hands!
2002-09-19 22:39:46 by waja

Nicely captured and cool little move!

2002-09-24 12:56:34 by MarcHare

anyone trying higher-ball count ratchets? 2 and 3 are cool, but could you ratchet a pyramid?

re: Curiosity
2002-09-24 16:24:11 by Shifty

of course.

2002-10-01 16:58:02 by MarcHare

3 ball line ratchet? like, instead of makin 'em triangulify keep 'em in a horizontal line and ratchet that. how would that work?

2003-03-06 10:06:14 by tuco

Hey Shifty! it would be grate if you show us that pyramid ratchet Here!!

re: re:re:Curiosity
2003-03-06 10:46:50 by RSS

The pyramid ratchet is actually much easier than this, and looks almost identical. The 4th ball goes just behind the centre of the 3 ball triangle, and helps by giving support and acting as an axle for the other 3 to pivot around.

re: re:re:Curiosity
2003-03-06 13:09:52 by Shifty

Yup. Thats pretty much about it, or You can ratchet it from the bottom as a palmspinning deal. works best as a curl.

re: re:re:Curiosity
2003-03-08 20:22:06 by kverens

a ratchet curl? I'd love to see that!

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