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1b Finger Roll

[image]balls used: 1
difficulty (harder to easier):
1b Backarm Chestroll
4b Pyramid Body Roll
1b BackHand Roll
1b Finger Roll
1b Finger Rolllogin to adjust
7b Line Shuffle
6b Diamond
2b Pendulum
2b Mineshaft Roll
default image: Shifty 2001-08-23
shifty: The "Acrylic" style of this move is the animation that Kae posted called "1b pilf regnif" which as you can see is just finger flip spelled backwards:)
kverens: note that to do this exact move you must use "sticky" balls (silicons, for example)


it's possible with acrylics
2002-08-23 23:45:51 by jk_cjer

I've done this move quite a few times with a 2" acrylic. it is quite tricky though!

how is this done????
2002-09-21 06:27:18 by paulappl

where are you gripping the ball, and with what fingers?

2002-09-23 13:35:53 by MarcHare

I GET IT! pifl regnif! finger flip! aaahhhh...i've been doing that move for how long? told people what its called how many times? and i had to have it explained to me...oy vey i'm quick.

2003-04-19 21:32:29 by jaron

please tell! how are youdoing this just by pushing your index finger into your middle finger?

2003-04-23 17:10:38 by Shifty

I'm not actually doing this... It's all a figmint of your imagination. However, it can be done, just not exactly like this.

2003-07-27 02:27:55 by jk_cjer

when i said that i have done this move with a 2 inch acrylic(almost a year ago), i meant just the half in which the ball rolls from the cradle(two-finger cradle to be precise)

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