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Author: thegoldenchicken 
Date:   06-17-02 01:28

Hello there Ferret!

Glad to hear from ya! Well, first and foremost, I'm amazed at how much energy you have. Jeez. I can only pray that I ever have that much dedication to anything, ever. Well, maybe math right now, but I quit when I start getting a headache! (-;
I am working on getting to CJC. I know about Rich, Shifty, and a few others driving down, and if I went, that would mean me missing 4 days of school. Since I'm living on scholarships, I don't know how my benefactors would look upon that. I'm going to take Shifty's suggestion, and tell them that I'm chasing after an artistic dream by going to CJC. I think that may work.
If it does, be prepared to meet the Chicken. I'll keep in touch with Shifty and Rich about this. I really want to go to CJC, and I'm sorry that I can't register any earlier than when I find out whether or not I can go.


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