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 Time and practice
Author: Rich Shumaker 
Date:   06-08-02 16:38

So far people have given you what is the final answer. It will take time and practice to be able to do a mid arm hold.

I will add Popping to what others have said to hopefully help you on your way.
What is a pop?
A pop is also a throw. But the difference is that the ball is released quickly without the tossing or arm motion. Difficult for me to explain easier to show. Sorry for the lame pop explanation hopefully it makes some sense. If it doesn't replace throw for pop and you will understand what I am talking about.

When I started to learn arm rolls. And this was only recently, at CJC2001. I started to pop the ball to different spots on my arm. I popped from hand to wrist to hand. From hand to mid arm to hand. From Hand to inside elbow to hand. I think you get the point.

Over time those pops became smooth rolls from place to place.
And over time those smooth rolls became stalls.

There are many places to stall a ball. But as Robin said everyone is different. So learn what you do well naturally. Early on I was mad that the ball kept going to my shoulder and falling off. So instead of being mad I am working on a stall point at the shoulder.

Good luck. Good post.
Hope I helped.

Have a great CJ day.

Rich Shumaker
The Other Contact Juggler

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