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 Warning about Dube 'steel' balls.
Author: Marz Kelly 
Date:   06-04-02 18:52

Hey all,

I bought a set of 73mm 'Polished Steel' balls from Dube juggling supply awhile ago. The reason I bought the Dube balls as opposed to the ones from Hand Health is this. Modern Chinese handballs are not steel, but chrome plated brass whereas Dube says that theirs are steel. Well, I got suspicious and sacrificed one of my Dube balls in the name of science (Cut it in half with a hacksaw.) and , what do you know, they are chrome plated brass as well.

What this means is that if you drop one of these balls you stand a good chance of leaving a perfectally circular flat spot around 4mm across as brass and chrome are soft and will both compress if struck. Secondly and most importantly, if your ball developes any deep scratches (Unavoidable, over time the chrome will wear away even if you dont drop it.) they will show up as a golden yellow color.

So... I still recomend these balls as good for juggling, merely know what you are getting into and take care of them.

Marz Kelly (

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