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 Re: pictures and stuff
Author: Marz Kelly 
Date:   05-31-02 18:07

The picture angle is a bit difficult at the moment as my computer is currently singing with angels. I have to shlep off to the library to even put up a post. Plus, the only one of these balls I have made was a present for a friend of mine; once I have a chance, I will whip one up for all to see. That will be 1 1/2 to 2 months from now as all of my supplies are packed and in storage (I am moving to Boston July 1st.). Rest assured that I will do all in my power to comply with everybodys desire to see pictures and stuff.

On another note:

I am primarily a juggler and, a while ago, I began making my own balls so I could have compleatly custom gear. Once I have moved, I will start making balls and other gear for people who ask it of me, however, I am only one person and will NEVER be able to support the kind of production that I would need to supply shops on a regular basis.

So, what that means is that I will soon be producing LIMITED quantities of handmade balls for people who just cant get what they want elsewhere. What these posts of mine are all about is that I have been trying to get a few other people interested in making gear themselves. Therefore, if I dont have time to make a ball for someone, I hope there will be 2-3 other people out there in the community that will be able to help them. I will keep posting directions on how to do casting and other things, and ANYONE is free to write me if they should so desire. If you want to know if something is possible ask me and I will tell you either how to do it, or give you a good alternative.

Remember, I see equipment making as something I do when I am not juggling, and, If I ever become horribly famous and/or rich I will no longer have time to do it. So, lets start a conspiracy to keep me poor.

*Grins widely while his body slowly disappears.*

Marz Kelly (

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