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 logo comp, and site stuff
Author: Kae Verens 
Date:   05-31-02 17:01

I am finally getting time to work on the site, so will be making changes.

Meanwhile, I will be placing up a voting page for this years CJC logo contest (I assume that's still going ahead?) - please get your designing hats on and enter quickly - the logos should be entered, voted, and ready for CJC before August (is that soon enough?), so I'm thinking maybe to start the voting process in the beginning of July. Any thoughts? Ferret - you still there?

Changes will be happening to the site. As a lot of you know, some functionality is broken, yet the code works perfectly on my homecomputer and my work computer, so I will be re-writing some parts, discarding others, and severely optimizing some others.

The most noticeable change that will happen within the next week is that people will not be able to choose their themes. The themes will become accessible again in the future, but only as alternative stylesheets.

In older browsers, the site will be readable, but plain. I will be using JavaScript, CSS, and some frames and iframes, which will be accessible by newer browsers. The newer techs will allow the site to be streamlined. You will notice a difference in download times, and functional differences as well.

I have been talking with a designer about redoing the site, and we both agree that it's not the look of the site which is important, but the usability - the site is a resource - it should be accessible to all, and easily at that.

The site will be moved to the new server in the very near future (within two weeks, possibly), and I hope that that will solve the functional problems. The site may be down for a day or two while the transfer is happening - but it will be nothing like what happened over Christmas.


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