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 Re: Hey Remy #2
Author: Marz Kelly 
Date:   05-30-02 00:01

Eugene is cool... in small doses. It is very much a college town. This has some advantages, in that there is always a party to go to, a concert to see, hippies to set afire. However, the annoying bits just keep adding up untill you have to get free... And then you can just go south to California for a visit, or up to Portland and Seattle. Well, hmmm... I guess it isnt really bad at all. I didnt even live there anyway (Though one of my girlfriends did and I might as well have been for 4 months or so.), I lived in Portland.

Anyway, to sum it all up, I think Oregon is a great state and Eugene is a great little town, if a bit cold in the winter. A big plus is the ease with wich one can travel by bicycle (The downside of this is watching your bike all the time to make sure no hippies make off with it. (I know, I know, some of them only looked like hippies and were, in reality, college professors... Oh well.).)

Remember, you can believe me; The truth of what I have just written is obvious when you consider that I am shortly moving to Boston, Mass. Actualy, that dosent appear to solve much of anything. Hmm... Well...

Move to Eugene, if you turn out not to like it you can hunt me down and try to kill me. I am far, far, larger than you. *Grins*

Marz (

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