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 Re: 4 incher
Author: mdamelio 
Date:   05-28-02 22:22

I have 2 from El and one from II, and like lance says there is a difference. I still use them all, the one from II is slightly heavier than the one from EL not enough to really matter, but I noticed it one day so I thought I'd throw it out there. Like lance said if you just want a ball to have some fun with and give you a good work out then II is sufficient to the task. But it does all depend on you, there is a difference between them maybe more noticeable than a 3" regular and ultra clear, because you've got more space for the light to refract through. My personal oppinion is that they look as different as a glass ball sitting next to a crystal ball, they are both damn cool looking one just looks more refined. Good luck.


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