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 4 incher
Author: Teo 
Date:   05-28-02 16:49

I was thinking about purchasing a 4 in acrylic. I forget who but somebody told me that EL sells Ultra Clear 4 in. and Infinite Illusions doesnt sell the Ultra Clear. Is there that much of a difference between Ultra Clear and not? Is it worth the extra ~20 bucks to get the Ultra Clear from EL? (and yes, I know about the $100 min.) Your thoughts.....


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 Re: 4 incher
Author: Shifty 
Date:   05-28-02 17:45

if it matters to you to have a completely clear ball, then go with the 4 inch from EL, if it doesnt make a darn bit of diffrence to you, just go ahead and get one from I.I. A 4 inch ball, is a 4 inch ball, it only matters to you.


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 Re: 4 incher
Author: Ryan 
Date:   05-28-02 18:59

I'd go for the ultra-clear myself. a 4" ball is a big investment, and you might as well pay a little bit more for a better looking ball.

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 Re: 4 incher
Author: Lance Coombes 
Date:   05-28-02 19:26

I'd base your decision on what you plan to do with the ball. I bought an II 4 incher because I planed to use it to practice working with a 4 inch ball. It wasn't purchased as a "show" ball. It is not perfect, but it is still darned pretty. It has the same heft of the ultra clear for a lower price. I can play with it and not worry so much about damaging it, and when I feel that I want to start including 4 inch stuff in my show, I will buy some ultra clears. Plus, from a distance of about 2 feet, with the ball rolling about, nobody will be able to see the impurities. The only way anybody would be able to tell is if you had an EL ball next to an II ball. The II ball would look slightly discoloured.

In short, if you don't plan to perform with it and don't mind some very slight imperfections, you can feel comfortable with the II ball. If you are going to do shows and want the best ball you can get, go with the EL ball.

I hope this helps!

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 Re: 4 incher
Author: mdamelio 
Date:   05-28-02 22:22

I have 2 from El and one from II, and like lance says there is a difference. I still use them all, the one from II is slightly heavier than the one from EL not enough to really matter, but I noticed it one day so I thought I'd throw it out there. Like lance said if you just want a ball to have some fun with and give you a good work out then II is sufficient to the task. But it does all depend on you, there is a difference between them maybe more noticeable than a 3" regular and ultra clear, because you've got more space for the light to refract through. My personal oppinion is that they look as different as a glass ball sitting next to a crystal ball, they are both damn cool looking one just looks more refined. Good luck.


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Author: Androo Wood 
Date:   05-28-02 23:55

how much does a 4"er cost from EL?

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 Re: cost
Author: mdamelio 
Date:   05-29-02 00:06


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