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 A little idea
Author: erim 
Date:   05-25-02 09:46

Hi all!
While practicin' one ball work these days,I came up with an idea:
It's about pinching the ball between the index and middle fingers instead transferring it from palm to cradle.You start with the ball on the palm and while you are taking it to the cradle you make pressure with your fingers to the ball and hold it between the fingers.After that point you are free to go to another move.I either move my hand so that my fingers are pointing down with the ball between 'em and let the ball to my other hand gently or I first let my fingers point down and then go the same path back with my hand and leave the ball to my palm of the holding hand.I like the "reverse filmed" effect I get that way.
Because of the surface friction they got,it's easier to do it with stage balls but it's not deadly hard with acrylics either.
Have fun!

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 Re: A little idea
Author: Me 
Date:   05-27-02 19:03

erim bikkul, no it's a bad idea. Just becouse.

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 Re: A little idea
Author: Androo Wood 
Date:   05-27-02 19:46

yes this does work. i do a little routine with a friend in which he tosses me an acrylic. the coolest looking (and most reliable) way to catch it that i can find is to do sort of what you are talking about. i grab the ball between my index, middle, and ring fingers. basically do a tripod and lett the ball fall in the middle of it. carefull doing this in front of an audience though, cause it can easily look like you are giving them "the finger" *wink*. from this hold you can do much, including lodging the ball between just two fingers.
hope that was helpfull

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