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 Questions about Sphere Play
Author: K'Tesh 
Date:   05-20-02 08:18

I'm interested in picking up a copy of Sphere Play, but I want to know a few things first.

How Much is it? Can it be found in Stores, Online? Does it's retailer accept PayPal?.

For those of you who have it, is it worth it?
(READ: for a 1 year CJ'er, is it going to be worth it?)

What format is it? NTSC PAL SECAM OTHER, or
ALL of the ABOVE (btw, US Television systems use NTSC.)(FYI the format refers to how the rastor lines are refreshed).

Keep on Rolling

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 Re: Questions about Sphere Play
Author: michael glenn 
Date:   05-20-02 17:19

Hi K'tesh,

I am probably the best person to answer some of your questions about sphereplay. First it sells for $20 + shipping= $25 anywhere in the states.

As of now it is only available in VHS, we are looking into other formats but it won't happen immediatly,

Our web site is under construction and should be launching in a few weeks. We will accept paypal! You can also send us an e-mail if you want to, we can accept a check or CC # and mail it to you directly.
Another possibility is Infinte Illusions carries it too, although we make more money if we do it directly.

As for value, I'm biased, I think it's worth it, but hopefully others will post their opinions. I can tell you that it goes very in depth into 1 sphere. We incorperated my 10 years expereience into the video and I spent 6 years playing with 1 sphere before going to multiples. Also we show 9 other players, who time playing varies.

I hope this was helpful,

Be Well,

balls of lightning rolled along...

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 Re: Questions about Sphere Play
Author: Brad 
Date:   05-20-02 22:15

I want to get it too, I was just too lazy to send out a check...but since I can use paypal, maybe I'll try that route...

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