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 3 Balls
Author: Teo 
Date:   05-17-02 15:38

Hey everybody, (I just got my 3rd 3in ball recently, so I am new to 3b work) When practicing tricks like the 3b orbital isolation, the balls always hit together and make a loud popping sound. I am trying to avoid this, but it is hard for me since the balls usually are touching or close together because of the orbital illusion. Should I just try focus on more of a seperated orbital palmspin or what? Thanks for you help.

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 3 Balls  new
Teo 05-17-02 15:38 
 Re: 3 Balls  new
Rob 05-17-02 16:55 
 Re: 3 Balls  new
Shifty 05-17-02 17:22 
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