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 CJC2001 Competition VCD
Author: Klas 
Date:   05-16-02 09:23

I recently recived the competition VCD from last years CJC.

The VCD can be bought <a href="">here</a>. You will need a paypal account which can be set up by clicking the paypal logo on the page above.

If you don't know about PayPal, it's a method for paying stuff on the net using your creditcard. It's international, but if you don't live in northen america you're likely to have some problems with it. Nothing that can't be overcome though. It also takes some time (about a week for me) to get the account registered, so you will not be able to buy anything as soon as you sign up.

It took about a week for the VCD to arrive to Sweden after Rich had sent it. It's a ordinary homeburned CD, no printed label, and no fancy packaing, and I think that's fine.

Worked fine in my DVD player. I don't know if VCD uses PAL/NTSC, or if the data is stored in some other format and converted. My TV supports both PAL/NTSC so it doesn't matter for me, but other Europeans may want to investigate this before ordering.

Quality is not great, the VCD format will never give good quality, but this is also filmed in suboptimal lighting conditions. Anyway, it's good enough to see what happends and it's better than the online version.

I think it's well worth the $6.50 (including postage) I paid for it, and I do recomend others to by it aswell.

There's one small change that I would have liked. The CJC animation is nice and I really like having it in the begining, but I would rather not see it between every performance.


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 Re: CJC2001 Competition VCD
Author: zxenor 
Date:   05-16-02 14:08

i don't know if this is true, but it sounds very convincing. either way, i'm not a big fan of pay pal.

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 Re: CJC2001 Competition VCD
Author: michael glenn 
Date:   05-16-02 17:33

Why does paypal suck so bad?


balls of lightning rolled along...

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 Re: CJC2001 Competition VCD
Author: Dave Z. 
Date:   05-16-02 21:42

I ordered the VCD a couple of weeks back and received it right quick.

My initial impressions matched Klas' - the video isn't super quality, and I quickly learned to fast forward through the CJC logo animation before each performance.

I was surprised that it was so short - there are fewer than 10 performances on the disc! I didn't really know what to expect, and I certainly don't feel robbed ($6.50 is still a bargain), but somehow my thirt for CJ on video was wasn't quite satiated by this disc. Any recommendations?

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 Re: CJC2001 Competition VCD
Author: zxenor 
Date:   05-17-02 02:55

I have nothing really against paypal, but I thought since it was mentioned that I would refer to this link that someone once sent me:

In posting this link, I am not saying "pay pal sucks", it is just a link. I have never used paypal, and I never really intend to, so I have nothing to believe except the words of others. This site seems to be very informed by many clients of paypal, and it has some information that I believe everyone should read if they are serious about getting involved with this company.

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 Re: CJC2001 Competition VCD
Author: Klas 
Date:   05-17-02 07:45

I'm not able to access paypalsucks at the moment, so can't comment on it.

However, my impression aren't to good so far. I've done three payments so far, had problems with one of them.

Registering on their international registration page I wasnt allowed to use Swedish characters in my address (i.e. ).

And it took my several tries to get it to print my address correctly.

And I find their site and help-pages to generally be quite bad, haven't checked the exchange rates yet, so I don't know if the screw me on any money.

However, the idea is good, and even though it's not the only company that provides the service, it's the one that most people use. It's very convinient to be able to send small amounts of money without sending cash or checks, or wire money. All which costs quite a lot if different currencies are involved.


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 Re: CJC2001 Competition VCD
Author: Arron 
Date:   05-17-02 14:54


If you havent' seen "In Motion" the Michael Moschen Video, I think you should take a look. The tape is available from amazon, and probably Dube' has it as well. Mr. Moschen's contact juggling routine is a performance art piece called "light," and is really something wonderful to see. He also does some palm spinning, with what appear to be 8, acryllic/ glass balls. Again if you haven't seen the tape, you really should, it is a constant source of inspiration to me.

Inifinite Illusions, one of our sponsors also retails some contact juggling videos. I have the "contact juggling part one" tape from them and the intro alone is worth the price. I also think the tutorial information in the tape thoughtfully done. It is obvious from looking at the tape that both Greg and Owen have spent a lot of time teaching people how to contact juggle and I picked up a lot from the tape. I have heard from various sources that another tape is in the works and I will buy it, if that is in fact the case.

If after looking at these tapes you still havent satisfied your thirst for contact juggling, may I suggest that you come to the convention in Florida, this September? I think most of the people who plan on being there will put on quite a show. I might bring a camera myself this year, depending on how my finances are. I will however ask permission before I tape anyone practicing or performing, it is just a simple courtesy.

I hope this is helpful to you.

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 Re: CJC2001 Competition VCD
Author: GReg 
Date:   05-17-02 22:16

You know, I've been dealing with paypal for years.

The summary of the probelms and solusions are as follows:

1. If someone screws you (you pay and don't get anything) paypal can help somewhat, but for the most part does not.

This is like sending a money order and getting nothing. Paypal is not the police or a bank, don't expect them to act like the police or a bank (credit card company).

2. Pay Pal has the power to seize your account. Don't leave money there. It costs nothing to transferrer it out to you checking account. People are using it like a bank. It's not a bank.

3. Pay Pal charges for this service more than credit card processors do.

If you have enough volume to use a credit card processessing firm, Do. Pay pal is only cost effective for small operations, or for some security against chargebacks, and for security with your credit card number (the payee never sees your card number).

What pay pal is:
1. A way to accept small transactions of credit cards without paying for a major processessor. It's a pay for service system.

2. Effectivily an escro service.

3. A good way to protect your credit card numbers over the net.

4. A way for some people to pay by check electronically.

I've used it for years now. I transfer funds out of the account as fast as I get them, and I don't use them as a bank.

My liability is equal to what I have in there.


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