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 Re: Boston Common CJ'ing.
Author: Peregrine 
Date:   05-15-02 13:01

hey (sorry this is so late, but what can I say, I'm a lurker)...

twas fun in the park, and now somewhere I have to get a couple more balls to play with so i can try those nifty 3 ball things, no idea what they are called. definitely a crowd should have put a hat out. Im kind of bummed other people didn't come out, most of them were apparently still somewhere in the wilds of western massachusetts when i called them later.

so now i have to practice morein the safety of my fishtankless room because if people watch me doing it they wont say "hey that things glued to you! thats so phat!"



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 Boston Common CJ'ing.  new
thegoldenchicken 05-08-02 17:29 
 Re: Boston Common CJ'ing.  new
Peregrine 05-15-02 13:01 
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