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 Re: areotech
Author: Rob 
Date:   05-13-02 11:33

I contacted Aerotech a while back asking if they had any plans to make a ball with no charging socket, that charges by placing it in an electromagnetic field.

They replied:
"We are making initial inroads into electro magnetic charging but no firm date has been set for production."

I reckon these would be quite popular, and if a lot of people express an interest it may be speed the process up a bit.

The trouble with simply covering the charging socket is that you would still get the same dark spot on the ball, so visually it would not make much difference. (thatís what I have found with the Mathmos balls that have a cover over the charging socket)

The next version of the programmable globall will include a pc link up so you can program your own sequence without having to stop and tap the ball to change between menu options.


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