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 Re: faith
Author: michael glenn 
Date:   05-13-02 00:02

Wow, I somehow missed a lot of this and now that I'm reading it, I'm amazed at the intensity of feeling surrounding this issue. I'm also really happy to have it brought to the foreground.
In this community we talk about moves and experiences, what to wear and where to perform. Tangible things, but for me this has all been the technical side. HOW do I do this has been the focus of this group. Now it seems this thread is partially about WHY do I do this.
It seems that the reason is different for each of us, like Shifty said, personal preference. I feel it is a very paradoxical thing to tell someone that their reasons for doing this are wrong or misguided because it was not shared with the author.
As for it being soley a physical act and something you do "on a unicylce after juggling knives." I understand this thought because of my motivation to learn
was to add a new trick to my "toolbox", and so learning it was a totally physical act. Eventually, I thought about the physics behind it. How the angle of the arm affects the speed in which the sphere will roll. Also about the degree of the curve of a sphere and how the weight and size affect things. And by figuring these things out and much practice, I became competent using a sphere. I didn't realize what I lacked was passion. My movements were very mechanical and lacked any artistic expression.

Then an amazing change happened, I took the sphere to an outdoor concert and from that day on I have never looked at this art in the same light. The sphere took on a life of it's own, it became my dance partner and it's movements and mine were harmonious. Dropping was no longer a possibilty since I was no longer trying to control the sphere but was responding to it, and letting it move me. It was the first time I reached "the Zone" and became, no longer about the physics, but about the art.

Since then my most profound spiritual experiences have been while playing with a sphere. Please don't laugh or scoff if you haven't experienced the same. We live on a sphere and most celestial bodies are sphereical. They spin and move around one another in orbits. When we contact juggle we spin and roll a sphere so it esentially orbits us. For me it is no suprise that this art can put you in touch with "the universe", God/Goddess, beauty, metaphysical mish/mash, whatever your term for it is.

Overall, I think it's an extremely personal art form. And I do it for myself because it pleases me, however, sharing it with others adds to the beauty of the universe, therefore is a good thing. Money changing hands is secondary, but making money is neccesary because artists need to eat too! If one makes money by providing beauty then they are adding to the human expereince, not detracting from it. In fact, better than a lot of ways people make money these days.

Just because this is what I've experienced and believe, does not mean that I think this is how anyone else should feel about it. Nor am I ever going to knock on people's door and ask if I can talk to them about Spherituality! :>) But I hope that anyone who reads this will remain open to the possibilty that this art form can be more than a trick, a skill, a bunch of moves or merely an illusion.

Be Well,


balls of lightning rolled along...

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