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 I'm baaack. . . . again. . . . .sort of. . .
Author: Kevin Smith 
Date:   05-11-02 23:31

Hello, after another semester at college, I now have a internet connection at my immediate disposal! I tried using the T1 internet connection at the school, but those librarians are a dire bunch, and since was not directly related to any research that I was doing for school, they forbade me to come here. I slipped in a few times though, not for more than 5 minutes at a time, but I've been here, checking up on y'all.

Anyways, I've been making some incredible progress with body rolling, and if I can ever get my friggin' webcam to work, I'll post about a half-a-dozen moves for you guys.

Who was it? somebody in the tips section said that it's nice to take a sabbatical every now and then from CJ, and that's what I did, when I came back, it was just incredible. It's like riding a bike, you never forget, and after leaving it for about 2 weeks, I got a new perspective on some of it.

Well, I shut down my account as I had been getting too many unsolicited e-mails from ad companies. RRGHHHGRHGHGRH!!! I hate those jerks!!

Anyways, my new e-mail is ThatB* (I threw in the asterik to keep webbots from finding the e-mail address. Substitute an "a" for the asterisk). JK, I will send you the book in a couple of weeks here, I had lost your address, but found it again.

Ferret, still haven't seen anything of the shirt, and just wondering what the skinny on that situation is. . . . . . .

I got me a gig at a local church for a large club that meets there. I have 200 kids, aged 5-18, for 20 minutes, so there's gonna be a heckuva lot of planning that I've gotta do. Never done a routine like that before.

Anyways, I'm gonna jet now, good to be back, and I'll see you around

Chillin' in Christ,

Kevin Smith

P.S. My biggest accomplishment over this last semester: a 4.0 GPA and FACIAL HAIR!!!!! WOOHOO! go me.

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 I'm baaack. . . . again. . . . .sort of. . .  new
Kevin Smith 05-11-02 23:31 
 Re: I'm baaack. . . . again. . . . .sort of. . .  new
mdamelio 05-13-02 04:57 
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