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 Re: Tell Us About Yourself
Author: Philippe The Juggler 
Date:   04-10-02 04:21

Philippe The Juggler

Originally from Belgium, I also lived in the UK for 9 years, then in Australia for the past 17 years.

I have learned to juggle at 36, and have been juggling for 19 years (which makes me 55). I have been doing stage shows for the past 13 years. I only use 3½" balls for practice and shows. I can toss juggle 5 balls for over 10 minutes, 6 balls for 90 sec and 7 balls for 15 sec (about 60 catches).

I have run the Adelaide Juggling Club for the past 16 years. Mostly toss jugglers, but many are also proficient at CJ.

I have started Contact Juggling in 1992 (single ball) and I have been doing palm rolling since 1995. I practice with up 8 acrylic (3¾") and perform with up to 6 (3½"). I recommend, from experience, to practice with larger balls than those one would use when performing. It makes performing so much easier and smoother while it keeps mishaps close to nil.

My current show is about 20 minutes long, is choreographed along various pieces of music, has a theme, and has a CJ sequence of about 8 minutes. It mixes toss juggling, CJ and mime (in the form of object manipulation).

In my regular job, I am a manager of a Wide-Area Network support team, with about 10,000 “permanent” users (as opposed to dial-up users) on the network.

Happy Juggling!

Reflection: a good idea is the worst enemy of a better idea
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